• Paris Travel — Finding the Flea Market

    This is my 3rd in the Paris Travel Series. Flea markets, secondhand stores, junk shops, I love them all. Flea markets are just another glimpse into the way society lives. It’s reusing an object; it’s knowing that that object lived in another person’s home and they loved it when they bought it, and now I […]

  • Perfect Paris Sunday

    This is my 2nd in the Paris Travel Series.  Jennifer and Phillip invited me to lunch today. They will pick me up at 12:30 and I should look for the black convertible. Oh my, this has a great beginning.  This will be the first time that I’ve met Jennifer’s beau (later I find out they […]

  • Window Panes of Paris

    My Paris Travel Series–1st post Another thing I recognize about travel (many may ask, will she ever stop finding the value in travel?)…it forces me out of my routine. Travel forces me to move away from my zone of comfort. Much as I try to stay in my box, more clearly, my routine—it is impossible. […]

  • Surprise London Trip

    Dr. Hunter walked into our office as a referral from his colleagues, looking for a trip for him, and his two teenage girls. He said: It has been a rocky year or so and I want to take my girls away for some quality time. We talked for a while.He said: I think Boston would […]

  • All Things Italy

     I love Italy, You love Italy — Everyone loves Italy, and for good reason.  Everything you wanted to know about Italy but were afraid to ask.  Come by Freedom Travel on Thursday to listen, learn, watch, drink, nibble and yes, ask–all the questions you have about this boot-shaped country.  Here’s preview.

  • Is it Safe to Travel in 2016?

    “How’s business?” They ask.  “Are you finding people are afraid to travel now with all the terrorism?”  It is interesting because I have been asked this question, or one like it, for years.  For a while it seemed there was one plane crash after another, then bombs on trains, the volcano erupting, tsunami, and earthquakes.  […]

  • Designing Great Trips–Its more about the traveler than the destination.

    It is almost impossible for me to comprehend how any trip can be planned without knowing a lot about travelers and their travel-style, and without this data, the trip becomes cookie-cutter and bland.  What I came to understand as a Travel Architect, were two key things 1st: that your vacation time is precious, and 2nd: that our […]

  • Cuban Architecture from a Pro

    Stunning architecture is only one of the reasons to visit Havana.  Structures built in the French, Italian, and neo-Classical styles–highly diverse in a concentrated region. The churches are magnificent and rival many throughout Europe. Here in Havana you will find the “Best of the Best”, says Carl Watson, retired professional architect.

  • Booking a Cruise? How to Avoid Hidden Pitfalls

    Booking a cruise can seem so simple. Yes, however… While the cruise websites appear to be easy to navigate they are clogged with choices and options.   Avoid pitfalls, Listen to a Cruise Specialist’s unbiased advice and how, at no cost, he can save you money and unnecessary frustration. What if a better deal […]

  • Valuable Reasons to Pick a Disney Cruise–Ask Annie

    Anticipating your Disney vacation can be such fun, however, the fun begins to fade during the planning process.  In this Ask Annie segment, we talk about the dining plan and how it works, and then the advantages of a Disney cruise.

  • Traveling to Ireland: To Drive or Not to Drive – Ask Annie

    ​​Have questions or concerns about an upcoming trip?  I’ve got the answers and advice that will help.  Today I tackle driving in Ireland. Traveling on the left side of the road can be challenging in countries like Ireland, Scotland, and England and it comes with some real warnings.  At the same time, you shouldn’t be afraid to drive […]

  • Where to Stay in Cuba? Villa Mariby–Cuban Oasis

    Upon arrival we are met by our private driver (Richard) and private guide (Ahmed) who took us to the villa Mariby.  To be perfectly honest, we drove through blocks and blocks; past huge houses lining broken streets–all in varying states of disrepair.  Of course…this is old Cuba, duh!  The Cuba that stood still for 50 […]