Danny Becker: Elegant, Peaceful Train Travel


In this show I will be talking about train travel. From the first time I watched Murder on the Orient Express to my first step aboard a train in Luxembourg, train travel has been one of my favorite modes of transportation. Contrary to airplanes and automobiles, trains are an uncomplicated and relaxing way to get around and see the landscapes.
Today we are going to hear from Danny Becker with Rocky Mountaineer who has been in the luxury travel business for over 30 years—just like me! Danny is going to help us “Get on Board” with the rail options right here in the US and Canada.
Story Notes:
Getting into the train travel business
– About Rocky Mountaineer vs Amtrak
New US routes
Levels of service & services aboard
Customizing Routes
Who is best suited for this style of travel?
What next?
Advice for train travelers
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