Surprise London Trip

Dr. Hunter walked into our office as a referral from his colleagues, looking for a trip for him, and his two teenage girls.

He said: It has been a rocky year or so and I want to take my girls away for some quality time. We talked for a while.
He said: I think Boston would be a good choice, and then…
I said: Are you looking to WOW them?
He said: Yes!
I said: If you want to WOW them, consider Paris.
He said: His eyes lit up and he said really? Is that possible at this late date (his trip was only 2 weeks away)
I said: With Freedom Travel, anything is possible

Dr. Hunter called the next day and said, “Instead of Paris, can we do London?”
I said: Absolutely.
He said: I want this to be a surprise.

And so it was.  Watch how it unfolds.

We have another family going to Cuba over the Christmas holidays–it will be a surprise to the 3 children.  I love surprises!. My family is famous for surprises.  Once my entire family, parents, kids and grand children caravaned fto rom Virginia to Florida to surprise my brother and his wife over Christmas.  They were certainly surprised–it is unclear if it was a happy surprise.   Want to surprise someone special with a trip?  Contact me I can be very creative.

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