• Zolton Bagdy: My Narrow Escape from Hungary in 1956

    We’ve launched Podcast Episode 9! In this show, you will meet Zolton Bagdy, friend, and traveler who escaped Hungary in 1956, at the age of 17, with his parents and sister. 🎧 LISTEN NOW! 🎧 You will hear about his life before and during the revolution, you will hear about how they walked through the […]

  • Podcast Episode 8: First Start with the Honeymoon…then the Wedding!

    Podcast Episode 8 is up! In this show, I visit with Jonathan and Melissa Hunter who have TWO travel stories to share. 🎧 SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN ON OUR CHANNEL HERE! The first story is one of surprise. That is, Jonathan wanted to take his two teenage girls on a trip—but it was going to be […]

  • Life Changing Risk of Moving Abroad

    In this show, I talk with James O’Byrne, Pulitzer Prize-wining journalist and writer who spent 36 years in New Orleans as a reporter and editor for the Times-Picayune and  He shares stories from those glory years before the chaos and disruption of the digital revolution and the risky decision he and his wife Paula […]

  • Highs and Lows of Owning a Travel Company with John Calthorpe | Passion of Exploration

      In this episode of the Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect at Freedom Travel LLC, interviews John Calthorpe, owner and travel planner with Prestigious Travel UK. They share highs and lows of owning a travel company, the concepts, stories, philosophy and their shared passion of exploration. Some of the topics discussed […]