Family Without Borders with Chantal Patton


FAMILY WITHOUT BORDERS A family with 3 kids made it a goal to visit 197 countries. What an intriguing notion. Click the link to listen to our conversation:




Chantal Patton is a location independent entrepreneur who has traveled to over 100 countries together with her husband and 3 daughters over the last 8 years. They have a family goal to visit every country in the world together and are documenting their journey on their YouTube Channel “Growing Up Without Borders. 


Originally from Canada, the Patton family now world-schools their kids while sharing their adventures and showcasing the beauty of different countries and cultures. The 3 Patton girls have even created a series of online classes for other kids called “Geography Made Fun: Learning Geography from a Kids Perspective.” And, through it all, Chantal continually prioritizes a healthy work/life/education/travel balance for her family.




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