• Christmas Markets – Germany

    Enter into a storybook world where Christmas markets come alive in grand tradition. Half-timbered buildings are festively lit and the aromas of mulled wine and cinnamon permeate the air. Travelers can snuggle up at cozy hotels and the Christmas shopping is friendly and relaxed. Buildings steeped in history are illuminated by thousands upon thousands of […]

  • Golf – Ireland

    Ireland is just one huge green with over 300 links for golfers to play their favorite sport in both an informal and friendly manner. Ballybunion is the most famous course in Ireland and sits cliffside of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a charming (aren’t they all in Ireland?) village of the same name, and since […]

  • Sailing – Greece

    If sailing is your passion then Greece is your country. Here are some words for you to think about and then look up on a map: Saronic Gulf, Peloponnese, Cyclades, and Argolic Gulf. There are 6000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas – 227 are inhabited. Imagine the sunsets and sunrises as you […]

  • Agri-Adventures – Italy

    Truffle hunting, grape or olive picking, bread making, cheese making: it is one thing to taste wines (we all have been to vineyards and enjoyed the wines offered) it is quite another to be a part of the production. The same goes for traditional crusty loaves of bread, local cheeses, olives, and truffles. Naturally, each […]

  • Active Outdoors – Portugal

    Three women asked me to arrange a trip for them to Lisbon where they would be running the half-marathon. I know Portugal very well, my parents lived there and as a result, I visited often. That was the easy part. Little by little I come to realize that they are VERY active—that means that they […]

  • Fly fishing – Norway

    We had a client who was specific – he and his wife wanted to go fly fishing in Norway. Frankly, it never occurred to me to go fly fishing, or that Norway is where fly fishers want to go. Think about it…what country has more icy cold water than Norway. Exactly! The best season, July […]

  • Culinary – Spain

    Often when one mentions a food & wine trip they think of Italy and France. Think again. Think Spain. Catalonia and Basque Country are two unique regions of Spain that each boast of fine food and wine, add to that spectacular landscapes and you have a great trip. Catalonia, a must-visit location for food lovers, […]

  • Vietnam

    Unlike Ireland, Vietnam was a complete surprise. It is a gentle land, yet exotic and compelling at the same time. The people are friendly; the food is tasty—yet strange sometimes. The ancient city of Hanoi is filled with a sea of bicycles that weave around the pedestrians and, again surprising, no one gets run over. […]

  • Ireland

    There are no surprises when you visit Ireland—it is just exactly like the pictures. Green, clean, with sheep in the roads and plenty of Guinness on tap. Few crowds except in Dublin and at the Cliffs of Moher, and even then it is not really crowded, just more people than you have seen in a […]

  • Italy

    Everyone loves Italy and for good reason—the important and impressive history, monuments, cathedrals, and landscapes; the delectable food and wine; their eye for design in cars, furniture, and clothes; let us not forget that the artists and art that they produced became the benchmark for the world, and everyone loves the Italians if only to […]

  • Portugal

    Set off on a journey and find yourself discovering many hidden treasures that Portugal has to offer – magnificent cathedrals in Lisbon, medieval streets of Obidos, historic villages of Regua with their untouched landscape, the gardens of Evora, and the best-preserved Roman mosaics in Coimbra. Portugal has a long and dramatic coastline; the fishermen who […]

  • Morocco

    Begin the trip by exploring the incredible Medina of Fes, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world, and considered the spiritual heart of Morocco. Attempt to uncover her mystery and explore its monuments, the souks, markets, handicrafts, quarters, and some, but not all, of the 10,000 streets! Visit the most impressive Roman ruins […]