Designing Great Trips–Its more about the traveler than the destination.

It is almost impossible for me to comprehend how any trip can be planned without knowing a lot about travelers and their travel-style, and without this data, the trip becomes cookie-cutter and bland. 

What I came to understand as a Travel Architect, were two key things 1st: that your vacation time is precious, and 2nd: that our design and logistics efforts make a huge difference in the experience.  So over the past 25 years I developed 3 merging routes: destinations, accommodations and special interests.  Using these important elements we are able to design a comprehensive experience that is sure to WOW.  When designing your trip, I may begin working with a destination, (say Italy or Ireland) or I may begin with the place to stay, (like a unique lodge or castle) or I may begin with your hobby or passion—if you love fly fishing, history or wine.  In the end all three routes merge into a one-of-a-kind trip.

Almost every day there is a caller requesting a trip–they might say something like, “I want to go to Italy for a 10 nights, what do you have?” I am certain that people are surprised when I begin asking them a list of questions.  The conversation might go something like this…    

  •         What is the reason for this trip?  Anniversary, Honeymoon? 
  •         What do you enjoy doing when not at work
  •         Do you enjoy driving and watching the scenery or prefer to get to your destination
  •         Are you active and like to hike, bike and kayak or do you prefer gardens and museums
  •         Who is traveling with you, what are the ages and temperaments
  •         Do you have any “must see” places or “absolutely must NOT have” services—
  •         Are their family ties or genealogy to discover
  •         What about bed and room configurations
  •         Do you have any health or dietary issues?

Booking a flight and hotel is one thing, but weaving in our experience and global knowledge with our personally chosen guides and drivers is the difference between a scrambled egg and a soufflé.   Our most successful trips are when our travelers become partners together we custom-build a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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