A Love of Language

A LOVE OF LANGUAGE – Over the past year, we have explored the many facets of travel and why people venture abroad. People travel for vacation, that is, to escape routine, for healing to find peace and to reflect, with their children to educate and show them another world, people travel for work, retreats, and to explore. Today we look closely at another reason—language. Meet Gina Arnold.
Gina, Freedom Travel’s marketing coordinator, is an adamant lover of travel, adventure, and languages. Over the past six years, she’s spent her “free time” teaching, learning, and adventuring in Haiti, Guatemala, the United Kingdom, and several European countries. She’s enjoyed dabbling in the Latin, French, and Spanish languages and was recently accepted into her next big adventure—graduate studies in Applied Linguistics at the Universitat de Barcelona.
Story Notes:
– Her time spent in Guatemala
– The purpose of her visit and how language played a roll
– Guatemala highlights
– A quick decision to move to Barcelona?
– A specialized course in language and what the dream job would be
– Preparation for this trip?
– What advice would you give someone making a similar move?
– Meeting very interesting people from around the world — each with a great story and sharing those stories on our Freedom Travel podcast.
Spanish Language School in Panajachel, Guatemala –
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