Where to Stay in Cuba? Villa Mariby–Cuban Oasis

Upon arrival we are met by our private driver (Richard) and private guide (Ahmed) who took us to the villa Mariby.  To be perfectly honest, we drove through blocks and blocks; past huge houses lining broken streets–all in varying states of disrepair.  Of course…this is old Cuba, duh!  The Cuba that stood still for 50 years; the Cuba that we so wanted to see “before it changes.”  “Before it changes” yes, but I was not prepared for the neighborhood, however, like a palm in the desert there stood our gorgeous Mariby–an oasis in a desert of architectural abandonment.  Here are a few things to note about the Villa Mariby:

  • Located on 11th Avenue between D & E in the Vedado region of Havana
  • Living space is on the 2nd floor–walk-up
  • Furnished with antiques and Cuban art
  • 15’+ ceilings; large rooms
  • 5 bedrooms/3 baths — 4 br/2 ba on the main floor and 1 br/1ba on 3rd floor
  • 110 electric
  • No hair dryer
  • Good AC in bedrooms
  • Full service breakfast, prepared to order
  • No wi-fi or internet in the house
  • Can purchase a phone card.  10cuc = 10 min
  • Sound carries easily (ear plugs recommended)
  • Walking distance to 3-4 nice restaurants

There are many, many ways to visit Cuba and staying at the lovely Mariby is just one way to step back in time, and imagine life in Cuba a hundred years ago.  One last note and word of advice, pack light and guard your money well.  

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