• A Love of Language

    A LOVE OF LANGUAGE – Over the past year, we have explored the many facets of travel and why people venture abroad. People travel for vacation, that is, to escape routine, for healing to find peace and to reflect, with their children to educate and show them another world, people travel for work, retreats, and […]

  • Family Without Borders with Chantal Patton

      FAMILY WITHOUT BORDERS – A family with 3 kids made it a goal to visit 197 countries. What an intriguing notion. Click the link to listen to our conversation:   🎧 LISTEN NOW:     Chantal Patton is a location independent entrepreneur who has traveled to over 100 countries together with her husband and […]

  • Danny Becker: Elegant, Peaceful Train Travel

        LISTEN NOW! In this show I will be talking about train travel. From the first time I watched Murder on the Orient Express to my first step aboard a train in Luxembourg, train travel has been one of my favorite modes of transportation. Contrary to airplanes and automobiles, trains are an uncomplicated and […]

  • Camino de Santiago

      In this show, I will be talking with Robin Jones who, along with her daughter Rebecca, traveled to Camino de Santiago in Spain. Robin shares her walk experiences in Camino de Santiago, their journey with mountain ranges to pilgrimages and the unique properties of Spain, the Paradors.   🎧 LISTEN NOW:   Story […]

  • Lucy Fleming

    In this show I will be talking with Lucy Fleming who, along with her husband Mick, built the very first jungle lodge in Belize. Two hippy kids traveling from London to South America, made a stop in Belize and never left. LISTEN NOW! In 1977, they were offered a piece of land near the Guatemala […]

  • Portugal Continued… with Ryan Opaz, Coauthor of Foot Trodden

    FOOT TRODDEN—The image and title of this new book was so intriguing that I contacted Ryan Opaz, the author immediately. I was dying to talk with him. Listen to our conversation HERE! Portugal has been a love of mine for a very long time. I visited myself in the mid-80’s, then my parents relocated and […]

  • Getting to Know Portugal with Jorge Silva

    Portugal is a country that I know fairly well from years past. My parents lived there for 15 years, and they made lots of friends. I brought several groups to visit over those years and of course, mom wanted me to meet all her friends. One friend, Luisa, told mom that I might like to […]

  • Annie & Iain Discuss The Art of Travel: How and Why People Travel

    Alain de Botton in his book The Art of Travel, “relates even the most disappointing experiences with delightful wit, graceful prose and surprising insight” (Los Angeles Times). Here to walk through this with me is Iain Baird, a friend, frequent guest on the show, and a man who loves a good discussion. LISTEN NOW: […]

  • Jim Gresham: Charleston, Through a Tour Guide’s Eyes

    Meet Jim Gresham and listen to this relaxing conversation with our tour guide through Charleston and the nearby islands. He takes us on a virtual tour of his favorite Charleston alleys and hidden passages and offers great advice to first-time travelers!   SHOW NOTES: ➡️We are introduced to Jim Gresham and hear what attracted him […]

  • Diane Sustendal: Fashion Meets Travel

      Meet Diane Sustendal, a woman whose fashion assignments took her around the world. Diane’s career began by covering the art scene in New Orleans, which led to covering high profile events and interviewing entertainers and politicians in New York. She traveled the world as a freelance travel writer, and she was featured in the […]

  • Zoltan Powell: Life of a Romanian Orphan

    Meet Zoltan Powell, author of Tabula Rasa: Beyond a Place Called There… Listen and be inspired as Zoltan describes his upbringing in a Romanian Orphanage, followed by his struggles to success. Show Notes: ➡️Describing his life growing up in a Romanian orphanage, the history of why and how 500,000 children were abandoned. ➡️How he came […]

  • Tenuta Santo Pietro!

    Meet Giuseppe Savignano, Owner of Tenuta Santo Pietro! Alluring, historical and totally Tuscan—yes, that is how one might describe the boutique property name: Tenuta Santo Pietro. This winery hotel is a true “agriturismo,” where you experience an authentic slice of Italian culture and rural life that you won’t find in a hotel. Now, simply sit […]