Is it Safe to Travel in 2016?

“How’s business?” They ask.  “Are you finding people are afraid to travel now with all the terrorism?”  It is interesting because I have been asked this question, or one like it, for years.  For a while it seemed there was one plane crash after another, then bombs on trains, the volcano erupting, tsunami, and earthquakes.  Then there was the Great Recession, and the question continued… “How’s business?” “Are you finding people are reluctant to travel?”

Upon reflection I see that it is those asking the question who are afraid to travel.  True travelers will travel–it is just that simple.  A few days after the Paris bombs, we had two calls wanting to visit Paris.  I think Paris must have been off their radar and now it came into focus.  Not afraid; intrigued.

Travelers travel.  Plain and simple, regardless of age or circumstance; and why?  Because they have a quest for culture, and thirst to see that which is new.  Their curiosity far outweighs any skepticism.  For true travelers they will find the time, they will find the money, they will take off work, arrange for cats to be fed, grass cut.  Others throw pebbles in the path with reasons why they must stay home.  True travelers find a way, and make it happen.

These are people who can trace their heritage to those who were told the world was flat, but set sail to see for themselves– Afraid to travel–Never!

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