• Teaching Through Travel Podcast Episode #5

    Podcast Episode #5! In this show, I will dive deeper into the 3-key reasons to travel with children and grandchildren.    LISTEN NOW!    You will hear about my first experience traveling to Europe in 1985 with 3 teenagers and my method for getting and keeping them engaged!  You will hear from my son, Ryan Williams […]

  • Podcast Episode #4! Discovering Croatia with Graham Carter, Co-founder of Unforgettable Travel Company

      LISTEN NOW! this episode of the Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect at Freedom Travel LLC, interviews Graham Carter, Co-founder of Unforgettable Travel Co. with small ships around the world. Some of the topics include:  How Croatia has changed from the war-torn country of Yugoslavia Croatia, the undiscovered destination Suggested itinerary for first-time […]

  • Podcast Episode #3! Travel Stories: Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Cuba OH MY!

      LISTEN NOW!  Iain Baird, writer, avid traveler and long-time friend, is the guest of Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect.  They talk about the shared adventures of traveling the world for more than three decades.  Iain and his wife Ann, along with a small group of like-minded travelers have stories to tell […]

  • Podcast Episode #2! David Collins: Visiting the Major Wine-Producers of Italy and France

     LISTEN NOW! This episode of Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect talks with David Collins, co-owner of Big Cork Vineyards, master wine-maker, and her baby brother.They laugh and reminisce about their travels to Italy and France. They talk about their destination choices, and the diverse wineries that opened their doors to […]

  • #1: Oh the stories I can tell! 30 years of a bitter-sweet travel career.

    This premier episode of Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect, coincides with a poignant piece of history — the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.  Following the disbelief, the shocking reality, a lifestyle completely restructured came the calm and reflection of my life and my career.  I tumbled through stories that touched my heart, […]

  • “Travel is education.” – Marie Leiter

    Marie Leiter, one of my lovely clients & friends, has traveled internationally on numerous occasions, and I wanted to share her beautiful thoughts with you all.  Why do you travel? Travel has given me a front seat to the simple beauty found in the countryside of Tuscany, the arrondissements of Paris, Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, […]

  • From Croatia, with Love

    I am always grateful to hear my clients’ stories and reviews of their time abroad. RuthAnn Loveless, one of my adventurous travelers, gladly answered a few of my questions regarding her experience in Croatia with Freedom Travel.  What is the most enriching and memorable destination you’ve reached throughout your travels?  Croatia—a beautiful, safe country with warm […]

  • Make Plans

    Travel plans might be on pause right now, but CNN Travel suggests that booking a trip might not be such a bad idea!   Many US airlines are offering free change fees and easier cancellations.  Hotels are currently less strict about cancellation and rebooking fees.  Having plans for the future is exciting and will help you […]

  • A Trip to Spain

    One of my dear friends and clients recently shared with me about her trip to Spain. I love the stories and feedback I receive when clients return from their memorable travels!   “Dear Annie, thank you so much for organizing our wonderful trip to Spain. The guides were really good. As it turned out, I was […]

  • COVID-19: Update from Portugal

    Hello, My Friends! As I continue visiting with my friends and colleagues around the world, I am amazed by the resilience and strength they all show as they lead their businesses and daily lives. Today I visited with Jorge Silva, Manager of We’ve worked together for many years, and he has some valuable insight […]

  • COVID-19: Update from London

    Thank you for reading, Dear Friends!  I have enjoyed updating you all on the current events from different perspectives. Today I visited with John Calthorpe. He is a co-owner of Prestigious Travel UK with his wife Diana. We are all concerned about traveling internationally, and his words give some hope and advice for rescheduling and […]

  • COVID-19: Update from Paris

    Hello, my friends! Olivier, the owner of Paris Chauffeurs, visited with me today, and I asked him about the current situation in Paris. He is a good friend of mine, and I was glad to hear his thoughts concerning COVID-19 in Paris. We are both glad to share this meeting with you all.  Olivier, what […]