Window Panes of Paris

My Paris Travel Series–1st post

Another thing I recognize about travel (many may ask, will she ever stop finding the value in travel?)…it forces me out of my routine. Travel forces me to move away from my zone of comfort. Much as I try to stay in my box, more clearly, my routine—it is impossible. I sleep at different times I wake up to a different view, there is a different coffee maker and different coffee and different coffee mugs. The change of routine means a viewpoint adjustment, as well, and so in my case, I’m looking out of a different window pane literally and figuratively.  Over the next couple weeks in Paris, I will share what I see, learn and experience. If you have never been to Paris this will be helpful.  If you have been to Paris before this may give you a chance to look at her through a different pane.

Paris: Friday, August 12, 2016 — Discovering Rue Cler

My first full day in Paris.  Lucky me, I have over two weeks to explore just Paris.  That means I am in no rush, I can discover the city systematically, or thematically, or whimsically.  Today, I will wander around my “hood”–get my bearings, locate the food market, wine shop, read cafe menus, find the bank and post office–try not to get lost, but then again…getting lost is just another way to find yourself.  My discovery today is Rue Cler.  This short (very short) pedestrian street is just two blocks from my apartment, in the 7th arrondissment, and lined from start-to-finish with charm.  At one end is a large fruit and vegetable market, mid-sized grocery store that anchor the street.  Strolling along you find a gorgeous cheese shop, two bakeries, a seller of fine chocolates and pastries, my butcher who also sells take-out food, three dress shops, a creperie, two ice cream stands, a hardware store and a  half-dozen cafes and restaurants where friends meet and waste away the afternoon. Anchoring the opposite end is a bank, the post office, and an upscale tea shop with tea room.  Above the shops are apartments and oh yes, there is also a hotel.  I think one could live here and never leave  Rue Cler.

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