Diane Sustendal: Fashion Meets Travel


Meet Diane Sustendal, a woman whose fashion assignments took her around the world. Diane’s career began by covering the art scene in New Orleans, which led to covering high profile events and interviewing entertainers and politicians in New York. She traveled the world as a freelance travel writer, and she was featured in the Times of India! 


Show Notes:

➡️How does one get started writing about fashion?

➡️Her New Orleans years–and the one assignment that stands out.

➡️Diane tells about moving to New York and how she covered not just women’s fashion, but also men’s fashion.

➡️Some of the travel No-No’s.

➡️How museums can showcase fashion in the context of history and culture.

➡️Fashion is an art form, like architecture, food, wine gardens and interior design.

➡️Meeting the love of her life, late in life–and their adventures.



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