Getting to Know Portugal with Jorge Silva

Portugal is a country that I know fairly well from years past. My parents lived there for 15 years, and they made lots of friends. I brought several groups to visit over those years and of course, mom wanted me to meet all her friends.
One friend, Luisa, told mom that I might like to know about this tour guide. Mom told me, I reached out to Jorge Silva, and we have stayed in touch and worked together for years. Jorge owns Tours by Jorge and is with me today. We will revisit places I have been to, and we will explore places that I still long to see.
Show Notes:
– Overview of Portugal: geography and history
– Freedom Travel designs on 3 key elements: destinations, accommodations and special interests. Jorge gives examples of how those elements weave into all regions of the country.
– Discussion of the culinary specialties of Portugal
– The regions of Portugal are described
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