COVID-19: Update from Paris

Hello, my friends!

Olivier, the owner of Paris Chauffeurs, visited with me today, and I asked him about the current situation in Paris. He is a good friend of mine, and I was glad to hear his thoughts concerning COVID-19 in Paris. We are both glad to share this meeting with you all. 

Olivier, what is the status of Paris tourism currently? Will we be able to visit anytime soon?

Paris is of course closed, and the city is taking serious precautions to keep the coronavirus under control. The word on the street (from business partners) is that they expect the ban to be lifted by early May and perhaps even open the borders to visitors.

What does business look like for you currently?

We expect to see clients back around August and September. Of course, October is already a busy month because the weather is so nice. In anticipation of an increase in business, we have hired 236 new sub-contractors.

What have you learned most during this time?

I’ve learned the value of “family time.” My two children say, “Pappa, it’s so cool to have you home every day.” They spend the day doing classwork (I’m now the “teacher”!), playing bocce ball, box training, and barbequing.

Olivier, thanks for sharing with us! We wish you well and hope for another trip to Paris again soon.

Give me a call!

Friends, we are all walking through this season together. Please contact me if you have concerns about rescheduling a current trip or planning an adventure for a few months down the road.

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