“Travel is education.” – Marie Leiter

Marie Leiter, one of my lovely clients & friends, has traveled internationally on numerous occasions, and I wanted to share her beautiful thoughts with you all. 

Why do you travel?

Travel has given me a front seat to the simple beauty found in the countryside of Tuscany, the arrondissements of Paris, Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, and the list goes on and on. The more I explore, the more I yearn to do so.  

What’s the most unique food or dining experience you’ve had in your travels? 

The best food is always in Italy. Please make Antica Fontana a dining destination. Our meal was five-star dining, the restaurant owners delightful, and the roast pork with artichoke (including stem) superb! Dessert–divine! 

Throughout your travels, what is the most culturally rich hotel or lodging in which you’ve stayed?

One of the stand-out lodgings that I stayed at was a castle in Frascati, Italy. Thank you, Annie Collins, for selecting the most beautiful, old-world castle that I’ve ever stepped foot in… It still is front and center in my mind’s eye.  

What is one of the most unexpected experiences you’ve had during your travels?

Trekking through the Amazon Jungle with our guide exposed me to the riches of the rainforest and the importance of keeping the oil companies out of indigenous homes. 

What was the greatest benefit you received from working with Annie at Freedom Travel? 

 I’ve traveled with Annie to Italy, Cuba, and South Africa, and the greatest benefit from meeting and working with Annie is our friendship. Annie knows her clients because she has invested in relationships. Annie designed our Italy trips with amazing attention to detail, and she has great relationships with the people in countries where you visit. That matters. If something goes awry, it is fixed. The rest is history. Looking forward to our next travel adventure.