COVID-19: Update from London

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I have enjoyed updating you all on the current events from different perspectives. Today I visited with John Calthorpe. He is a co-owner of Prestigious Travel UK with his wife Diana. We are all concerned about traveling internationally, and his words give some hope and advice for rescheduling and future travel in the UK. Here’s what John had to share with us all.

John, what does day to day life look like for you all in London right now?

Like many major cities across the world, London is open to essential workers only. Attractions, museums, and galleries are closed. In fact, our Parliament is now also closed until the middle of April–worryingly, our Prime Minister has also contracted COVID-19. Our transport systems are running reduced services, and most of us are now working from home and only going out for the essentials in life, such as groceries and toilet rolls!! 

What is the current status of COVID-19 in London?

The UK is reported to be two weeks behind Italy in the epidemic. Cases are expected to peak in about three weeks and hopefully decline after that. We hope that social distancing and self-isolation will keep COVID-19 under some sort of control.

Do you have any insight as to when travel in the UK will be allowed again? 

Some believe that travel will start up again safely by July, but I believe it will be closer to August/September. I have advised clients clinging on to the end of April to cancel and look at another date later in the year. I advise travelers to consult with their doctors and then check with their travel agents before moving forward. 

John, what has been the feedback from your clients through all of this?

As expected, clients are very disappointed not to be traveling. Regardless, they have all shown their appreciation of reliable communication. Working directly with an agent might sometimes cost a little more, but the benefits are invaluable. Clients are seeing how much work we are happy and willing to put in for them, and many are looking to rebook later in the year.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us, John. You and Diana are in our thoughts!

Give me a call!Friends, let us continue to carry on together. Please let me know if you have concerns about rescheduling a current trip or if you want to daydream about a future one. I always enjoy talking travel.  Keep Calm & Travel On!Annie318-445-9111 

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