Podcast Episode #3! Travel Stories: Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, Cuba OH MY!



Iain Baird, writer, avid traveler and long-time friend, is the guest of Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect.  They talk about the shared adventures of traveling the world for more than three decades.  Iain and his wife Ann, along with a small group of like-minded travelers have stories to tell from journeys to Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Morocco and Cuba. Story Notes: – Iain’s early life of travel began at age 2 and later lived in India. His wife, Ann, travel all over the country and lived in Germany during her teenage years. Both were vaccinated early with a love of travel.– How we met over 30 years ago on the board of the Loudoun Ballet Company.– Paint Portugal with Ann and how Iain joined the group and the stories.– Freedom Travel group travel model of staying in one location and taking day trips.Venice story during the flooding city and woman with high-heels!– Galapagos story of woman in high-heels!– Turkey, a favorite destination, and stories include our time with gullet, Istanbul and hot-air balloon over Cappuccino.– Traveling with children and grandchildren.– Greece travel on small ship and had most islands to ourselves. Morocco adventures including riads, a camel ride in the desert and sunrise over the dunes.– Cuba travel: A throw back in time. The people could not have been more friendly. It was overwhelming how warm and welcoming they were.– You don’t come to do the thing and then not do the thing! So, we went horseback riding through the tobacco fields. ???? 


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