Culinary – Spain

Often when one mentions a food & wine trip they think of Italy and France. Think again. Think Spain. Catalonia and Basque Country are two unique regions of Spain that each boast of fine food and wine, add to that spectacular landscapes and you have a great trip. Catalonia, a must-visit location for food lovers, sits along the Mediterranean coast and naturally, you might think about paella with all the seafood available.


Remember also that Catalonia is made up of mountains and fields—pigs and sheep. So here you have the original “surf & turf.” Now for the wine—head northwest to Basque Country and the land of Rioja – far from ordinary. Drive along the Rioja Wine Trail where there are 48 wineries where you can sample everything from vintages aged in medieval caves through to wines produced in the most avant-garde installations. And just wait until you see the jaw-dropping architecture that houses these wineries.


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