Set off on a journey and find yourself discovering many hidden treasures that Portugal has to offer – magnificent cathedrals in Lisbon, medieval streets of Obidos, historic villages of Regua with their untouched landscape, the gardens of Evora, and the best-preserved Roman mosaics in Coimbra. Portugal has a long and dramatic coastline; the fishermen who still make their living at the sea, are as rugged as the cliffs. The fish is fresh and the stories are spellbinding. Portugal prides itself on being a country rich with explorers and discoveries. It is an easy country to travel by car, allowing you, the modern-day explorer, to venture off the beaten track finding your own “new land.” When I think of Portugal I think of fish, castles, tiles, rugs, wine and port, rivers, dramatic cliffs, and the soulful music of fado.

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