Podcast Episode 8: First Start with the Honeymoon…then the Wedding!

Podcast Episode 8 is up! In this show, I visit with Jonathan and Melissa Hunter who have TWO travel stories to share.

The first story is one of surprise. That is, Jonathan wanted to take his two teenage girls on a trip—but it was going to be a surprise!

The second begins with the wedding announcement and how it changed from a beach destination wedding to New Orleans wedding and an Italian honeymoon with 14 others!

Story Notes:

First Story: Jonathan plans to surprise his two teenage daughters with a trip!
➡️ Boston turns into London
➡️ Includes Wimbledon, food
➡️ The Gordon Ramsey dinner

Second Story: Jonathan and Melissa announce their wedding
– What begins as a beach destination wedding ends up an Italian wine honeymoon with 14 others
– The New Orleans wedding and flood
– Rushing to the airport and the need for an “amphibious cab”
– Jonathan’s prank
– First Italian purchase—and jumper cables
– Buying wine in Italy for the new house and wine room
– Cooking class that later served the town locals
– Plans to re-visit Italy focusing on Rome and Amalfi Coast

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