Life Changing Risk of Moving Abroad

In this show, I talk with James O’Byrne, Pulitzer Prize-wining journalist and writer who spent 36 years in New Orleans as a reporter and editor for the Times-Picayune and  He shares stories from those glory years before the chaos and disruption of the digital revolution and the risky decision he and his wife Paula made to sell their belongings, move to France, and begin a new life.


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Story Notes:

  • Remembering life 20+ ago as a journalist and editor for a major US newspaper
  • What happened after the digital revolution and his resignation
  • How James and Paula came to their risky decision
  • The philosophy and differences between those who are willing to take risks and those to prefer the security
  • James paints a visual picture of Flavigny — one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in France”
  • How and why he applied and received is Irish passport–giving him dual citizenship


Contact information:
James O’Byrne
Instagram:  @timesjobyrne
Facebook: James O’Byrne


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