Zolton Bagdy: My Narrow Escape from Hungary in 1956

We’ve launched Podcast Episode 9! In this show, you will meet Zolton Bagdy, friend, and traveler who escaped Hungary in 1956, at the age of 17, with his parents and sister.
You will hear about his life before and during the revolution, you will hear about how they walked through the cold, snowy, dark and strange countryside to finally cross into Yugoslavia. You will hear about refugee camps and their travels to the very different United States of America.
Story Notes:
➡️ The early years in Hungary—prosperous family, good student, vacations, happy home
➡️ The revolution
➡️ College student demonstrating – Speeches at parliament
➡️ Russians arrive – thousands of Hungarians killed, thousands escaped
➡️ A family decision—stay or leave Hungary & the crossing into Yugoslavia-
➡️ Refugee Camps
➡️ Postcard from San Diego

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