Flying High to Cuba Soon

Recently the US and Cuba agreed to resume air travel between the two countries.  What does this mean to us? So currently you can only fly from the US to Havana on chartered flights, however in the next 3-6 months you will also be able to book directly with American, Delta, United, JetBlue and Southwest, as well as Cuba’s national airline, Cubana. Again, you will be booking directly with the airline, or charter company, not booking through sites like Expedia. The good news is that this agreement opens up many more options for the traveler, and now you won’t have to fly from third-party counties such as Canada and Mexico. With the increase in tourism, Havana is indicating that they may accept between 10-30 flights daily.  Yahoo!!  Let’s Go to Cuba.  

“Interest in Cuba has reached levels not seen for a generation,” Scott Laurence, senior vice president airline planning for JetBlue, told CNN. 

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