Ahh… Utah!

Podcast Episode #11 – Ahh… Utah! 

My 30 year career has focused on international travel–that is where my heart has let me until recently when my daughter and I decided to do a research trip to Utah. 




This episode shines a light on two key destinations that are completely different and equally magical: Moab and Sundance. My guests are Mike Ballard, tour guide and founder of Big Iron Tour Co. and Donna Campbell, licensed massage therapist for Sundance Resort in Provo.


Show Notes:


➡️ Mike Ballard

– Born and raised in Moab, forging for food while exploring the red hills all day

– Grew up poor in a family of 10 children

– Describes a tour through the canyon floor, along a river, even in 104 degree summers

– The town of Moab—then and now

– A variety of accommodations from luxurious to glamping with Under Canvas

– Moab one of a handful of “dark sky destinations”

– A great choice for travelers of all ages, interests, and activity level

– Advice from Mike


➡️ Donna Campbell

– What is it about Sundance that is so compelling and magical and how she came to work there

– Robert Redford and the history of Sundance

– A long list of things to do and experience without leaving the property

– If you do want to venture out, what’s nearby and don’t miss the town of Provo

– Donna’s thoughts on Moab and Sundance


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