About Turkey

In modern Turkey, the legacy of centuries of history coexists with progressive and contemporary culture. Its exciting capital, Istanbul, spans Europe and Asia: here, upscale eateries and swanky nightclubs are squeezed between Byzantine and Ottoman structures, with calls-to-prayer from city mosques sounding above the city. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts mix ancient Roman ruins with stunning beaches and resorts. Still, the real cultural lessons come from the Turkish people, always welcoming and eager to share their homeland's fascinating past and present.

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Why I Love This Spot!

  • Driving into the center of the country to a region called Cappadocia was my most memorable experience and what I love most about Turkey. Here the landscape is stark, weird and magical all at the same time. In Turkey, there isn’t just one thing I love the most, there are a few others I want to mention. To begin with, the haunting call to prayer from all the mosques 5 times a day! It seemed they were off by a few seconds, and so the call to prayer was done as a “round”. I just loved that part. And then there are the lively markets, especially the spice market, and I love the rugs (that is how I got into the travel business—listen to my 1st podcast).

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