About Ireland

Tiny, and with ever-changing scenery, Ireland is an addictive place to explore. Within a few miles you can travel from plunging cliffs and flat pastureland to towering mountains and gloomy peat bogs. You can spend the night in ancient castles or state-of-the-art spa hotels, dine on fine Irish cuisine or snack on crispy fish and chips served in a paper bag. The sheer number of sights, little villages, charming pubs, and adorable restaurants and shops is overwhelming—you always feel that you might be missing something.

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Why I Love This Spot!

  • The Castles — I love the castles of Ireland. They are set in what I call the “green and clean” landscape safely positioned atop a rugged hill. And oh, the views. There are many castle hotels too, that I love. With castles, your imagination runs wild envisioning life from ancient to recent times. Second to the castles were the mussels — I dearly love mussels. All along the coast pubs serve huge bowls of these black jewels. Heaven!


la'gniappe /,lan'yap/
North American
something given as a bonus or extra gift.
Visit the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel!
When you are planning your trip to Ireland, remind me to book you at the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel, near Clifden (built in 1832). I found it very very friendly, not stuffy or snooty. It feels like the family must still live there.

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