South Africa

About Destination

With its cultural diversity, stunning natural landscapes, and varied wildlife, South Africa makes for a life-changing travel destination. Its cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg offer art, fashion, food, and wine unlike anywhere else in Africa, as well as more humbling experiences such as seeing the historic effects of apartheid and witnessing the stark economic divide between the classes. While on a South African safari, visitors can learn about animals, flora and fauna, geology, and astronomy in the most powerful way: by standing in front of the subjects themselves.

From Afar

Why I Love This Spot!

  • Without a question, it is the animals. The first time you glimpse a giraffe lumbering alongside your car, it is love at first sight. But then there are the elephants in the distance, zebras crossing the road, water buffalo and rhinos—oh my! And this isn’t Disney!

    Leaving South Africa and my favorite lodge was a sad morning, and then just as we are about to pack up to leave, along come the elephants to drink from our pool and bid us farewell. We all wept.

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