About Italy

If I had to distill its appeal into one phrase, I would say that it’s a country that has figured out what’s important in life – family, friends, good food, beautiful things, some kind of connection with nature, human warmth and conviviality – and dedicates as much time as possible to the pursuit of these simple virtues. The places you stay in Italy, the hotels and villas, can be lovely, especially if they blend the country’s talent for design with the aforesaid human warmth.  But what really counts…is what lies beyond the hotel doors and villa gates.

From Lee Marshall, The Telegraph

Why I Love This Spot!

  • Italy is an easy destination. You can travel from a large city to most of the smallest towns easily by train. However, if you love exploring off the beaten track, you can rent a car—it’s easy! Most of the people (except in the remote villages) speak English—that makes it very easy. Italy is visually a WOW at every turn, making it very easy on the eyes.


la'gniappe /,lan'yap/
North American
something given as a bonus or extra gift.
The very best and reliable recommendations come from the locals.

In this case, we were at a wine shop in the teensy town of Terrantola and asked for a good place for lunch.  Instead of recommending a little pizza parlor in town, she suggested we drive about 30 minute to Lake Trasimeno.  There we found a small but lively town right on the lake with winding streets that soon led to Trattoria del Pescatore.  Taking the advice from a local is rarely disappointing.

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