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As one of the largest countries in Europe, it can be difficult to take the entire country of France in, but it is possible to travel to France and enjoy the best of its culture. Those who visit France will find it has a varied topography, which includes everything from the French Alps to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, offering visitors a chance to personally design their trip. What’s more, France is a country rich in history, making it home to some of the most famous museums, monuments, architectural feats and historical sites in the world. As a major destination, France travel is easy and visitors will find a nation that’s relatively easy to navigate even with language barriers and that caters to tourists looking for a budget-friendly vacation or a luxury-filled escape from the norm.

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Why I Love This Spot!

  • When you say the word “France” to me, my first thought is rolling landscapes, dotted with small hamlets, and sprinkled in the mix are the most inviting, and I might say, romantic, manor houses. The full picture-package is one of a refined and genteel lifestyle that sucks me in.  Add to that image –– fabulous food and wines paired perfectly.


la'gniappe /,lan'yap/
North American
something given as a bonus or extra gift.
You MUST visit the Logis de la Cadene Restaurant. 

We might never have found this alluring restaurant had it not been for the advice of a waiter who knew we were going to Saint Emilion the next day.  He said it was fabulous but he did not mention it was a Michelin star winner.  From the decor, to the waitstaff, to the service, to the innovative presentation, to the melt-in-your-mouth creations--it was a wondrous experience.

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